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What Questions Do You Have?

We have this thing we have been doing for the past 2 years now called Questions. We are about to launch the 3rd season (Oct 12th) and I am thinking this might be a good time to provide a bit of explanation about what Questions is all about. If you would rather you can also watch this short video below.

Questions is designed to be a place where people can ask the questions that challenge or provoke them. It is meant to be an continuous dialogue. Our purpose is to look at those questions through a lens of faith that fully engages the mind. It is important for us to have a faith that is well rooted in our hearts as well as our minds. Rational/critical thinking is as much part of a life of faith as it is for those without a faith.

As we begin this season we are also creating more bite sized content to go along with our longer discussions. We have also started a new Facebook Group WTFaith. The goal is for it to be a place alongside anything we produce for Questions, that people can post in. Whether it is their own questions, or responses to other peoples ideas. We want to have safe places for people to engage in critical thinking as they work through tough topics. There is a page on our website here where you can check out our past content and my hope is that you will join us on the journey this year as we seek to grow our hearts and our minds. If you have any topics/questions/ideas please send them to us at

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