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The Cool Thing About Circumcision

While it may not be anyone's favourite subject, there is indeed something cool about circumcision. Not only was it a distinguishing mark of belonging for the Israelites, it was also costly. When I think about how serious my commitment to Jesus is, I wonder how hesitant I would have been if this was still a requirement? Thankfully, it is by grace that we are adopted as sons and daughters and not by any physical, or spiritual rite.

That being said there is still a high cost to living a life of faith in Jesus. We are also called to be marked out from the rest of the world. We are also called to sacrifice ourselves, give of our time, our money, and our very lives for the sake of Jesus and his mission. So I am forced to ask myself, what costs am I willing to pay in order to serve Jesus? What lengths am I willing to go to the serve him and those he calls me to? How much will I lay at his feet in surrender and say "here I am send me"?

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